Music is Bonfire by Knife Party

Music is Pres Garden Zone by Laura Platt & Plasma3Music

This game showed great improvement on the Pups' part. They ran the right way, got the idea that blocks need to be in front, and they proudly held flags high when they got a "tackle". Well done all!

This is a fun game to watch. The "veteran" players did a good leading the team with tackles and yardage. It looks like the team may be picking up momentum. The song is Fight Theme by Aero Chord.

Here you'll see some spectacular plays. The extra pushes for a few extra yards, the catch of passes in mid-air, and some good wrapped tackles too. Song is United We Stand by Moonshine Bandits

The potential of this young team is already visible! If they keep up their courageousness, determination, and tenacity, they will be a force to reckon with in the coming years. 🙂 Music is stock music from the program.

Songs are (1) Weaponize by BrandX Music, (2) Get Up by All Good Things.

Songs are (1) Chaos by Like a Storm, (2) Six Feet Under by Like a Storm

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