Championship Game: Bulldogs vs Oneonta

In a Thunder-Clapping showdown the Greek Gods would have been proud of, the Delhi Bulldogs extracted the sweet victory honey from the swarms of unrelenting Yellowjackets. The 33-18 final score made the Bulldogs the CHAMPIONS of the Greater Oneonta Pee Wee Football League (GOPWFL) Senior Division for 2017! The music is (1) Fight for Me by Man Made Machine, (2) Step Up by Drowning Pool, and (3) Champion (feat. Chris Brown) by Chipmunk. Congratulations DNBD Bulldogs! Very Well Done.

Championship Game: Delhi Jets vs Cooperstown Hawkeyes

Defenses clashed with a highly-prepared and fantastic Hawkeye Line and Backfield keeping the Jets to their lowest score during all of 2017. However, they weren't enough to defeat the undefeated, undisputed, bad-to-the-bone 2017 Greater Oneonta Pee Wee Football League (GOPWFL), Junior Division CHAMPIONS who reigned supreme with a final score of 15-6. Woohoo!! The music is (1) Bad Moon by Hollywood Undead, (2) Notorious by Adelita's Way, and (3) We Are One by 12 Stones. Congratulations Jets! HOOAH!

Game 5: Bulldogs vs Warriors

In an Earth-Trembling Thud-Boom-Bah Contest, the Big-Hearted 4-1 DNBD Bulldogs battled their way to a 26-7 victory over the Resilient and War-Ready Walton Warriors. It was an incredible game to behold. The music is (1) Born for Greatness by Papa Roach, and (2) Man on a Mission by Oh The Larceny.

Game 5: Delhi Jets vs Walton Warriors

Game 5 of 2017 for the Delhi Jets was against a surprisingly better Walton team than they played a few weeks ago. Still, the now 5-0 Delhi Jets won with a score of 26-12. The music is (1) The Machination (ROGUE MIX) by Ninja Tracks, (2) Legend by The Score, and (3) Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Game 4: Bulldogs vs Marauders

In a hellaciously hard-hitting nail-biter of a game the Bulldogs emerged victorious 30-22, taking down the previously undefeated Marauders in Game 4 of the 2017 season. There is now a 3-way tie for first place for the first time ever! The music is (1) Monster Killer (VIP) by The Enigma TNG, (2) Invincible by Adelita's Way, and (3) Taking You Down by Egypt Central.

Game 4: Delhi Jets vs Sherburn Marauders

The Jets managed a win in Sherburn on October 14, 2017 with a fighting, on-fire line which shut out the fierce Marauders 24-0 making the Jets 4-0 so far for the 2017 season. This means that the Jets are the undisputed number one team in the junior peewees going into the playoffs! The music is (1) What Makes You Country by Luke Bryan, and (2) Untouchable by Motionless in White.

2017 Delaware Academy Homecoming Parade

From the viewpoint of the PeeWee Football Teams, the Delhi American Legion Jets and the Delhi DNBD Bulldogs, the DA Homecoming Parade was great fun for all on Friday, October 13, 2017.

The music is (1) Feel it Still by Portugal, The Man, and (2) Bonfire by Knife Party.

Game 3: Bulldogs vs Walton: Historic Game

The new, first-year, huge, hard-hitting, thoroughly trained Walton Warriors started like wildfire but had a couple tough turnovers that changed their mindset just enough for the amazing, quickly adapting, hard-charging, and overcoming Bulldog team to be the victors. The final score was 26-13. The Bulldogs are now 2-1. The music is (1) The Thunder Rolls (Cover) by All That Remains [IMHO, the best remake of the classic Garth Brooks song!] and (2) Explode by Written by Wolves. Spectacular game between long-time rivals.

Game 3: Jets vs Walton Warriors: First Time Ever

While the Delhi Jets did win, the first-year Warriors were unbelievably prepared, tough-as-nails, and the final score didn't truly represent how good Walton was -- But it did reflect how amazing the Delhi Jets PeeWee football team is: Pure Heart! The 48-18 win puts the Jets at 3-0. The music is (1) Inevitable by Brand X Music, (2) Champion by Barns Courtney, and (3) Muévelo (Feat. Wisin) by Sofia Reyes. Thank you all for creating such fantastic music - and Thank You Delhi and Walton for having such phenomenal Players with Heart!

Game 2: Bulldogs vs Oneonta

In a disappointing last second 36-34 loss to the Oneonta Yellowjackets, the Bulldogs are even for the season so far at 1-1. ONE play, a real swan song of a play, was the difference to two very evenly matched super teams. Next time... The music is Kings Never Die by Eminem.

Game 2: Jets vs Oneonta

The Delhi Jets defeated an outstanding, well-trained, quick and powerful Oneonta Yellowjackets team with a final score of 28-16. The Delhi Jets are now 2-0 for the season. The music is (1) The Rising by Dallas Stars, and (2) Whatever It Takes by Hollywood Undead.

Game 1: Bulldogs vs Cooperstown

The Bulldogs emerged unchallenged on the score board with a 26-0 victory. See the highlights of what was caught on camera in the video above. (I missed some great plays.) The music is Diamond Eyes (Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom) by Shinedown.

Game 1: Jets vs Cooperstown

With a 20-8 win over a well-trained, enthusiastic Cooperstown team, the Jets begin the season with a hard-fought victory. Some of the game highlights are in the video above. The music is (1) Reborn (Intro) by Through Fire, (2) The Last of the Real Ones by Fall Out Boy, and (3) Baby by Royal Republic.

2017 Delhi Jets

Videos will be posted a day or two after each game or event through the 2017 season.

To the left is some pre-season practice video. The music is Wolves 49 by the Voicians.

If anyone wants to shoot video for the Bulldogs and upload the video to YouTube just let me know at practice. I'll make sure the video gets here.

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