2018 Senior Bowl - North

Sherburne's president, Jamie McGregor, was able to get use of the gorgeous field at Colgate University for this year's Senior Bowl, where only the 6th Graders from the GOPWFL play as a last game of their peewee playing. The chances of being able to play on a Division 4A field again are pretty slim to none for these peewee players, so Jamie was very excited that he was able to gain use of the field. Thank You, Jamie! It was awesome. There were fewer 6th graders on the Oneonta, Cooperstown and Delhi combined than there were on Sherburne's team this year, so instead of North versus South as usual, it was Sherburne vs Everyone Else at the 4A field. The music is (1) Forever by Onlap, and (2) Suffocate by Daybreak Embrace.

Game 6: Jets vs Hawkeyes

Game 6: October 28, 2018 at Delhi, the Hawkeyes won 32-25 to become the GOPWFL champions. The Jets ended the season 3-2-1. The music is (1) Forlorn Hero by Todd Haberman, (2) A Million on My Soul by Alexiane, and (3) Meet Me in the Mud by SMO, because it was muddy.

Game 6: Bulldogs vs Hawkeyes

October 28, 2018 at Delhi. In an interesting game that jacked the blood pressures of some folks a little high, the Bulldogs won the season finale 31-12 making the older Delhi team 4-2 for the season. There are quite a number of good plays in this video. The music is (1) Calling from Above (Edit) by Bassnectar, (2) Bring on the Thunder by Cyberhound, and (3) Unforgettable by Godsmack. What a great ending to what began as an improbable season!

Game 5: Jets vs Marauders

October 20, 2018 at Sherburn with a fantastic pre-game show and National Anthem. The Jets were on fire for this game and won 32-7 against the highly motivated and well-supported Marauders, complete with a talented and versatile cheerleading squad! The victory makes the Delhi Jets 3-1-1 for the season with one game remaining. This is a three-song video, nearly 10 minutes, because of the number of good plays and the number of players who made some this week. Great Job, Jets! The music is (1) Legends are Made by Sam Tinnesz, (2) When Legends Rise by Godsmack, and (3) Victorious by Jessta James.

2018 Bulldogs Video

Here are plays for the players on the 2018 Delhi Bulldogs peewee football team - minus one, who broke his arm very early in the season. This is here because the second game against Sherburne had to be cancelled because of not enough players. Boo. The music is (1) Renegade Rides Again by Moonshine Bandits, and (2) Haters: Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation.

Game 4: Jets vs Marauders

October 14, 2018. Delhi Jets vs. Sherburn Marauders ended 20-0 in probably the cleanest game we've seen this year. While the young Marauders obviously need another year to gain experience, when they'll be much better players, they had the courage to play clean football and will be a force next year. Good coaching that just needs a little more focus on the basics of blocking and tackling. The music is (1) Crank it Up by Colt Ford - because Sherburn and Delhi are both in the middle of freakin' nowhere and this is a fun country song. (2) It's Ours by Joachim Walker, Edward Wallace, Marc Williams & Thomas Guy because it wasn't easy and hasn't been an easy year at all. The Jets have had to "fight each battle..." just watch the video. Jets are now 2-1-1 for the season.

Game 4: Bulldogs vs Marauders

Yeah, the Bulldogs lost. T'wasn't pretty at first... The Marauders were a lot bigger. Stronger. And showed up ready to pounce for the first time since 2013 against the Bulldogs. There's no reason to blame anything but some bizarre fear that plagued half the team - but diminished and disappeared before the end. So the playing wasn't the cleanest - we've overcome better. The reffing wasn't the greatest - we've prevailed with worse. Sherburn won 33-13 making the Bulldogs 3-1 for the season so far. The music is (1) Bouncin' Back by T. Powell, which starts off differently than any other song ever in these videos, and delivers a message everyone needs now and then -- and (2) Get Real (feat. Amy Barrian) by Kahlee, because the next time we meet, things won't end so well for Sherburn. For one thing, we'll have more than 1 short practice the week before. 🙂

Delaware Academy Homecoming Parade & Bonfire

In celebration of the big Homecoming Game tomorrow, Delaware Academy sports teams and youth teams gathered in a parade to the bonfire site at the American Legion. The music is (1) When the Lights Come On by Asking Alexandria, and (2) The Fire by The Roots.

The Delaware Academy Bulldogs Homecoming game was against top-ranked Sidney Warriors, an older, bigger team. The Warriors won the game, but the Bulldogs had a number of good plays and you can see some of them below. Well done, despite the loss. Next year won't be the same. The first song is Be Legendary by Pop Evil because a lot of the guys on this super young and pretty small DA Varsity team WILL BE LEGENDARY. There's not even the slightest question or doubt about that. The second song is dedicated to the winners of the game because, even though they're bigger and older, they aren't exactly clean players. It's called Anything Goes (feat. Alexander King) by SMO. 🙂

Game 3: Jets vs Yellowjackets

October 7, 2018. The game ended in a tie at 28-28. It was a game of karma, plenty of uncalled penalties on both sides, plenty of great plays and plenty of not-so-great plays. The Jets are 1-1-1 for the season so far. The music is (1) Rise Up (feat. Meganyy) by NerdOut, and (2) My Name by From Ashes to New.

Game 3: Bulldogs vs Yellowjackets

October 7, 2018. Delhi Bulldogs vs Oneonta Yellowjackets Peewee Football. It was a hard-hitting, never-die game that ended 26-19 in favor of the still undefeated Bulldogs, now 3-0 for the season so far. The music is (1) Rock and Roll (Remix) by Jessta James, and (2) No Sleep by I4NI.

Game 2: Jets vs Hawkeyes

In a heck of a game, the very well-trained Cooperstown Hawkeyes defeated the Delhi Jets 20-13. The main field was flooded, but Cooperstown coaches found another field, mowed it, painted it and got it all set up before the game. Super well done to the Cooperstown coaches and players! The Jets are 1-1 for the season. The music is (1) Challenger by P. Stew, and (2) Champion by The Roots.

Game 2: Bulldogs vs Hawkeyes

This was a game for the ages. The teamwork and awesome development and training of the 14 Cooperstown players weren't quite enough to take down the DNBD Bulldogs in a hard-hitting, hard-fought game. The weather was fantastic for football playing - Even "Ironman" football. The scenery was breath taking. The final score was 19-12, Bulldogs won, making them 2-0 for the season so far. The music is (1) Legendary by Welshly Arms, and (2) Switchback (Neuroticfish Remix) by Celldwellar.

Game 1: Jets vs Jackets

Game 1 for the Jets ended with a win, but only by 1 single point: One Conversion Point after a touchdown! (Be sure to watch for it in the video. Hard to miss.) The final score was 19-18, Delhi, in a hard-fought tough game. Delhi is now 1-0 for the 2018 season. The music is (1) Warrior (Ultimate Fighter Theme) by Bonez, and (2) New Kings by Sleeping Wolf.

Game 1: Bulldogs vs Yellowjackets

Oneonta Yellowjackets talented and well-trained team was not quite enough to beat the Bulldogs in the season opening game. The Bulldogs won 28-14 to be 1-0 now. Of note, Oneonta had 14 players. Delhi had 16. Ironman Football. The music is (1) Unbreakable by Jay Kill & the Hustle Standard, and (2) 51Fifty (feat. Bubba Sparxx) by Moonshine Bandits.

Now that the Jets have their full practice gear, here's another pre-season video with some tackling and drills. The music is Man on Fire by Oh! The Larceny.

Now that they've got their full practice gear and can hit and block properly, here's the 2018 Delhi Bulldogs Pre-Season video 2. The music is Ready by Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy and Dumi Maraire.

Pre-Season video 1 of the Delhi Jets Peewee football team. The song is Animal by Zayde Wolf.

Pre-Season Video 1 for the Delhi Bulldogs team. They're small in size and number this year, but full of heart and desire to play. The music is Cage the Beast by Adelita's Way.

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