Adam Cook

He took a beating this year running up the middle and only got stronger and stronger, breaking more and more tackles as the season progressed. Adam was an invaluable member of the Delhi Bulldogs this year, and next year, assuming there's a team, he's going to be on another level. It's always awesome watching him play football. It's obvious how much he loves the game - and how he reads the other side during the play is remarkable. The music is Better Think Again by Submersed.

(NOTE: There is a worldwide block on YouTube videos for the song Back in Black by AC/DC. The block was placed by the copyright holders of the song.)

Adam Cook

Adam is one of the big reasons the Delhi Jets were the Champion Team this year. He can run with power, run with speed, block anyone, tackle anyone, catch and basically lead the way or stop the opponents cold in their tracks. Adam is all about team and doing what he can to help the team. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed watching Adam play this year - and I can hardly wait for next season. It was a privilege. The music is Believer by Imagine Dragons.

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