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This is for the 2015 Football Season. Please scroll this page for any additional information that might be relevant to your interests. The first section is a Tribute to Coach Maney's final year as a Delhi Pee Wee Football Coach. The second section is the Bulldogs compilations and Championship game. The Third Section is a couple of compilations of the Jets plays. The final section is two videos covering the 2015 Senior Bowl, North vs South.

Some of the cooler footage from the games is in the videos below. I apologize for missing quite a number of the great plays. I still sometimes forget I'm supposed to be operating the camera, too. Plus I forgot an extra battery once, and completely lost a whole weekend of games on the SD card. Ooph. I hope you enjoy whatever you want to see.

Tribute to Coach Chris Maney


After 24 consecutive years as the founding and head coach in Delhi, Coach Maney has announced his retirement from coaching pee wee football.

Here is a little tribute to the man who brought Delhi Football such esteem and respect, to the man who set the standards so high, to the man who created a living legacy in his hometown. Thank you, Chris, and to your family for sharing you with the rest of the developing young football players.

End of the Season - Champions!

[And an Uber and very special Thank You must also go out to Coach Phil Neumann, who has helped Delhi Football on so many levels for 21 of those years, and for more to come. PLUS he's been coach at the high school and helping bring winning seasons again. I wish I had more time to spend to put together more for you, too. I apologize for not being able to do so.]

2015 DNBD Bulldogs - GOPWFB Champions - 5-1


Led by Coach Maney, Coach Neumann, and Coach Ackerly, the 5-1 DNBD Bulldogs of Delhi, NY were the Champions of the Greater Oneonta Area Pee Wee Football League (GOAPWFL) for 2015, and for the second consecutive year. Congratulations 2015 Bulldogs!

[I have no footage from the two games against Sherburne! There were so many great plays that are not shown here because of that. I apologize, but here's some of what I was able to capture. Instead of a game-by-game sequence, there are below three compilations of the games versus Cooperstown, and two games versus Oneonta (minus the Championship game, which comprise the last two Bulldogs videos, each shot from a different viewpoint.]

Bulldogs Compilation 1

Bulldogs Compilation 2

Bulldogs Compilation 3

The Championship Game - Bulldogs won 20-13

Another Viewpoint of The Championship Game

2015 Delhi Jets - 2nd Place 4-2


The Delhi Jets had a really good year, too. Only one other team in the league could beat them: the rare Oneonta champs. The Jets finished with a very strong 4-2 record.

Head Coach Haight taught the Jets the foundations of playing football, and Coach Nealis and Coach Anderson did an outstanding job supporting and reinforcing the basics of the defense and the offense.

Compilation 1

Compilation 2

Senior Bowl - South 26, North 12

The South was composed of the seniors from the Bulldogs and the Oneonta Yellowjackets. The North was composed of the senior boys from Cooperstown and Sherburne.

Here is some of the more spectacular footage to some really good music.

Video 2

This is a sequential video from another viewpoint.

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