Jeannie Burnham, 2018

Here's Jeannie making some plays again this year and helping the team out. She didn't get to play as much this year, but she had some really good plays anyway - enough to make a video 🙂 . Hopefully they'll have a team next year so she has one more year of football before she focuses completely on wrestling, wrestling entertainment, and her path forward from there... The music is City Cats by The Enigma TNG.

Jeannie Burnham

Here's a few cool plays by Jeannie Burnham on her last year on the Delhi, NY Jets, 2017. There's none of her awesome blocking as end, only a couple tackles, and runs up the middle are limited despite how good a lot of her runs were. What's mostly shown is her runs around the end and a few touchdowns because that what the audience loved to see and what really charged up the team when she scored. Without the rest of the champion team, fantastic QB, blocking from other RBs, a kickin' line, and everyone doing their jobs, she wouldn't have shone like she did. The music is Pull It Off by Kane Brown.

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